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The joy of command. Renaissance (Sancy) Lyman, age 10, at the helm of Searcher, our Bowman 57 ketch, sailing on Penobscot Bay this past summer.

Follow The Lyman Family as they explore the Eastern Caribbean . . .

This website is kinda like a blog, a place where we can share our adventures with you . . . and  where David can share his articles, journal entires, observations on the sailing life and the process of re-inventing himself.  The Lyman Family moved aboard their sailboat Searcher, a 57-foot Bowman ketch, June 1, 2009. They spent the summer in  Rockport Harbor settling into living in confined living spaces, cruising the Maine Coast and preparing the boat (and the family) for the off-shore adventure.  We are back in Maine, resting up from this recent adventure, writing and making sense of what we experienced. The kids are back in school, at least for a year, David is writing and designing projects and starting a new marine publish venture, SeaArcher LLC. Julie is researching options for her next career, now that the kids are off at school. Searcher is on a mooring in Rockport Harbor for the summer, before going up for sale. .  . yes, we are selling Searcher, to allow another family to experience the adventure we just completed. After 14 years of ownership, it is a sad parting, but other  boats will come into our future.

We have sailed more than 4,000 miles this year, exploring our relationship to each other, the boat and the natural world. The kids are were home-schooled while we were living on Searcher,  sailing to and from and through the Eastern Caribbean.  While sailing, we recording the events, challenges and discoveries we made as we went. They are published here  . .  see the table of contents at right.

The Lyman Family (insert) Julie, son Havana, Captain David, Crew members Emily and Rob, and daughter Sancy, with Foxy Calderwood from Jost Van Dyke, BVI.


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News and Notes . . . . .

SeaArcher Productions to create Reality Television Series

Are you sailing south with the NARC this fall? Have a video camera?

Lone Wolf Documentary Group and SeaAcher Productions, two television documentary production companies are interested in seeing video of your trip. We are gathering video stories from sailors who have shot video and recored voices and sound of their voyages. From this material, we will create a pilot to show executives at Discovery and National Geographic television. We want to show them the potential of a reality series, not unlike Dirty Jobs, Deadly Catch, and the Whale Wars series.

Click here for a Handbook on how to shoot video and record  audio of your voyage.

The Off-Shore Passage-Maker Seminar

Thinking of voyaging off shore on your boat, or on the boat of others? David is offering an on-line Mentoring Program for first-time sailors, skippers and owners . .  and their spouses and mates. David will coach you through the process of preparing your boat, crew and yourself for the adventure.

    Notes from David’s one day seminar on passage-making is now available here.

  1. Flyer on up-coming seminars

  2. Off Shore Presentation slide show

Hurricane Comin . . . . !

Lessons we learn by experiencing the profound events in our lives.

I survived three
major hurricanes on my boat in the Caribbean, each taught me lessons I used in other aspects of my life. These events, dangerous and life threatening, were nevertheless important gifts from nature. I am writing a book for yachtsmen, as well as everyman, to share the lessons I’ve learned, to help others deal with the events we must all face in our lives. Hurricane Planning and Preparation - Draft Recommendations